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Гарантия производителя

You can always rely on brennenstuhl® quality: With extended manufacturer warranties, brennenstuhl® offers you much more than the industry standard. Corresponding guarantee periods of two, three, five or ten years on labeled products go far beyond the legal requirements.

Our manufacturer guarantee applies to those Brennenstuhl devices that are marked with the Brennenstuhl Guarantee icon on the device or its original packaging or in our sales catalogue.

manufacturer guarantee icon

The guarantee period is indicated with 10, 5, 3 or 2 years. This runs for this period from the day of the first purchase by a user, regardless of where in the world the purchase has taken place.

For proof of guarantee authorisation, the copy of a specified purchase receipt (sales slip, delivery note or bill of the selling distributor) is necessary and sufficient.

The manufacturer guarantee extends to the material and manufacturing defects occurred in the production of the device, and our guarantee service consists in rectifying these errors by repair or replacement delivery free of charge after the device has been sent. Rechargeable batteries, batteries and lamps are excluded by the manufacturer guarantee.

Our manufacturer guarantee and its provision are voluntary services by us, for which the utilisation is also voluntary. The utilisation as well as the non-utilisation has no disadvantages regarding legal claims that exist against us or the selling distributor or others. In particular, the consumer's legal rights in the event of defects, the claiming of which is free of charge, are not restricted by the guarantee; this is also valid for his or her rights against his or her seller.

We provide package labels for the free delivery of the device under warranty. Please contact us via our contact form with details on the device, the place and date of purchase as well as a short description of the defect. By contacting us in this manner, the guarantee period will be preserved.

Please be aware that defects of the device due to improper use or foreign interference are excluded by the guarantee. The delivery must take place in stable and break-proof packaging along with appropriate wrapping of the device to avoid damages in transit.

The guarantee services do not cause a renewal or an extension of the warranty period. Any exchanged devices or parts of devices shall become our property.

Manufacturer's Warranty in German.pdf