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Our portfolio of extension cables offers you a large selection of cable lengths, cable colours, cable qualities, CEE plug and socket connections and other sensible extras. The possible uses of extension cables range from indoor use to short-term outdoor use to use on building sites and continuous use outdoors.

Which extension cable is the right one for you? Using the filter options, find the suitable extension cable for each application.

5m, 10m, 25m or even 50m extension cable – which extension cable is the right one for my application and how long should it be?

Extension cables are available in many different designs, so, before buying one, you should ask yourself:
What do I need an extension cable for?
The most common cable lengths are: 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 25m and 50m extension cables.
The following purchase guide will definitely help you find the right power cable.



Extension cable with a flat plug

Flat extension cable for the indoor area – regardless of the location of the socket

An extension cable with an extra-flat plug is not only a Extension cable with a flat plugpractical sondern auch eine space-saving solutionwhich is perfectly suited to sockets which are hard to access.
Thanks to the flat power cable, sockets located behind your living room cabinet or behind the sofa can be used cleverly. The flat extension cables by brennenstuhl® also have an intelligent folding handle – this allows for easy unplugging of the flat plug from the socket without any effort.
Shape your interior spaces regardless of socket fitting – there are no limits to your spatial planning.


Which extension cable is suited to the outdoor area and is therefore water-tight?

Outdoor extension cables – the perfect power source for your garden, balcony or even on construction sites

You need power on the balcony, in the garden or even on the construction site, but not a single socket in sight?
A clear case for an outdoor extension cable!
An extension cable for outdoors is inherently different from a power cable for the indoor area. Find out below which features you should definitely look out for when buying an extension cable for outdoors.


Extension cable for the outdoor area – what you should look out for

A robust extension cable for your garden or even construction site work is essential. Before buying an outdoor extension cable, make sure you look out for the following features:

> Minimum protection type IP44Extension cable for the outdoor area
With this protection type, the extension cable is best protected against dirt and spray
> Signal colour
"Which colour should an extension cable have?"
Opt for the colour red or orange, so that the cable remains well visible even on the lawn
> Coupling with protective cap Schützt vor Schmutz und Nässe
> Cable quality
Determined also by the insulating cover and the cladding. The following cable qualities are suited to outdoor use: BQ, RN or V3V3. You can find out which cable quality is suited to permanent outdoor use here


The most common extension cables for the outdoor area

How long the extension cable should be depends entirely on the type of work in the outdoor area. A 10m extension cable is probably enough to connect your electric grill – while a 25m or even a 50m extension cable is absolutely necessary when mowing the lawn.
However, these are the customary lengths:

> 5m extension cable
> 10m extension cable
> 25m extension cable
> 50m extension cable


Time to go camping – which extension cable do I need?

Spring is approaching, campsites are filling up – and you start asking yourself:
Which power cable is the right one for my caravan and which plug do I need when camping?
Questions upon questions you ask yourself before buying a camping Extension cable for camping extension cable to be able to use shore power. Camping newbies especially find it difficult to choose the right high-voltage current power cable. Which extension cable, which plug or even adapter you need when camping depends on the following factors:

> Connection on the campsite
> Type of motorhome or caravan
Distance from the distribution box to the caravan


Which power cable is suitable on the campsite – CEE cable and CEE connector

A normal extension cable for indoors is out of place on a campsite – why?
Camping power cables must be suited to the outdoor area and equipped with a CEE connector.
A CEE cable is therefore part of your basic camping equipment, since the power cable is the connection between the distribution box on the campsite and the motorhome.
However, there are major differences in a CEE extension cable too – and the colour of the CEE connector plays a big role here.

Questions upon questions: blue or red CEE connector?CEE connector

One must not underestimate the meaning of the CEE connector colour – since the
colour of the connector determines the voltage level , i.e. the number of volts.
For camping, the blueCEE connector or the blue CEE extension cable is necessary.
These are available either as individual adapters or as an adapter cable.
Obviously, a blue CEE coupling (3-pin) must therefore be present in the distribution box on the campsite.


Which extension cable is suitable for my lawnmower?

Start the gardening season right with the proper lawnmower cable

Spring is approaching, the garden calls – time to freshen up your lawn.
Electric power is required to be able to put the lawnmower into operation.
Since power is generally known to come from the socket, which is likely in the house itself, in the garage or on the terrace, it is clear that:
You need an outdoor extension cable for the lawnmower!


What should you look for in an extension cable for the lawnmower?

An extension cable which is suitable for the outdoor area is required, i.e. an IP44 extension cable. The power cable should also have a signal colour, red or orange at best, so that the cable can always be well visible on your lawn. Furthermore, the power cable should consist of a rubber cover, since rubber cables are more flexible and therefore less fragile compared to the cheap plastic cable.
In summary, you should look out for the following:Extension cable outdoor

> Rubber cable
> Protection type IP44
> Signal colour (red or orange)
> Robust earth contact plug and coupling with sealing cap

Find out how you can make gardening easier and where you can find the perfect extension cable for the lawnmower here.


20m, 25m or 50m lawnmower extension cable – how long should the power cable be?

There is no provision or standard on the cable length – the ideal length of the power cable can be determined from the lawn area, more specifically from the distance that the power needs to cover.
However, the most common cable lengths are:

> 20m lawnmower extension cable
> 25m lawnmower extension cable
> 50m lawnmower extension cable


How many extension cables can be connected to one another?

Can you attach multiple extension cables to one another?

The answer is very simple:
It is forbidden to attach multiple extension cables to one another, and for a good reason!
Find out all the reasons why here.


Frequently asked: How can you prevent an extension cable from twisting?

Bye tangled cables – winding up the extension cable correctly

You’ve finished your gardening, now you have the annoying task of winding up the cable.
Those who have wound up their extension cable before are familiar with the problem of tangled cables, and ask themselves:
How can I wind up cables without knots?