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Brennenstuhl quality

The brennenstuhl® quality in detail

Quality assurance and testing

Even during the development process, brennenstuhl® attaches great importance to testing and ensuring the quality and safety of products. brennenstuhl® products undergo numerous quality tests, both in internal quality management and through external, independent tests. We also attach great importance to the certification of our products. In this way, we demonstrate compliance with certain requirements and guidelines as well as our high standards of quality and safety - and it is precisely these standards that distinguish us from the competition!

Three tests briefly explained

Stabilityät tested hard - impact test

Products from brennenstuhl® are tough. Because their plastic parts are tested with the cold impact test: They are subjected to stress at freezing temperatures - in the picture, for example, a cable drum. Cracks or other damage must not occur.

Qualitätssicherung und -Prüfung bei brennenstuhl®Qualitätssicherung und -Prüfung bei brennenstuhl®  

Protection always and üeverywhere - climate chamber

To withstand heat, cold and humidity: Devices from brennenstuhl® are tested for this in tough tests, such as in the climate chamber. Power strips, for example, have to prove their thermal resistance in long-term tests.

Qualitätssicherung und -Prüfung bei brennenstuhl®

Stay cool in case of short circuit - Glow wire test

Even in the event of a short circuit, electrical appliances from brennenstuhl® must not burst into flames. This is tested by the glow-wire test for socket strips, for example: plastic housings are touched with a 750°C hot wire for 30 seconds. The test is passed if there is no risk of ignition for the environment.

Product qualityät and certification - safety at a glance

You can always rely on products from brennenstuhl®. A multitude of safety certificates from independent testing institutes shows: The compliance with German and international standards is continuously checked and confirmed.

CE marking

Europäische GemeinschaftThe abbreviation CE stands for European Community (Communauté Européenne) and documents the compliance of a product with the respective applicable EU directives. Every manufacturer - whether in the EU or in third countries - must affix the CE marking to all products that fall within the scope of the EU directives.

CE KennzeichenThe marking is not aimed at the consumer. The CE mark is an administrative mark. As a kind of "technical passport", it demonstrates conformity with the minimum requirements of the EU directives - whereby no inspection body has to be involved. The CE marking is not proof of tested quality.

More Test marks

Test marks, as we understand it, should serve customers as decision-making aids. For a selection from the multitude of products offered on the market, a label should be an orientation aid. It is nothing other than proof of confidence in the quality of the product and, as it were, in the company.

The mark is a sign of confidence in the company.

The GS mark stands for "tested safety". In order to be allowed to affix the GS mark, the manufacturer must have his product tested by an approved testing body.

The approved testing body for the respective product assesses according to the requirements of the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG), the accident prevention regulations of the employers' liability insurance association, DIN and EN standards as well as other generally recognised rules of technology. This is associated with regular monitoring of the production facilities.

If all requirements are met, the manufacturer receives a product-related certificate and is allowed to affix the GS mark to his product. To maintain the certificate, annual inspections of the manufacturing sites are carried out.

Five Star Technology - 5-star quality

The brennenstuhl® brand stands for high quality and safety. This is what Five Star Technology encompasses: outstanding products, convincing innovations, a cutting-edge and extensive product range, largeßzüwarranties and competent service. We are of the opinion: This all-round package makes the decisive difference

Fünf Sterne QualitätService

Our service is always fast and reliable, or you can find the right solution online


Fünf Sterne QualitätAssortment

Complete solutions without compromise: The extensive brennenstuhl® range offers the right product for every purpose.


Fünf Sterne QualitätInnovation

Innovations and the constant further development of our products inspire. The benefit is always in the foreground.


Fünf Sterne QualitätProduct quality

First-class workmanship, outstanding functionality and verified safety and quality meet your requirements.


Fünf Sterne QualitätWarranty

Compliance based on conviction: You benefit from extended manufacturer warranties and partnership-based support in the event of complaints.

Three good reasons to choose brennenstuhl®

There are many good reasons to choose Brennenstuhl.

Here are three of them:

brennenstuhl® steht seit über 60 Jahren für Qualität und Sicherheit

The brennenstuhl® quality

For over 60 years, the brennenstuhl® brand has stood for quality and safety. Our high-quality products in the field of electronics and electrical engineering are characterised by ingenuity and a passion for better. In order to offer you the best possible tools, we ensure the “Made in Germany” manufacturer’s guarantee is included and we offer generous warranties and competent service.

brennenstuhl® Service - Wir unterstützen Sie bei Ihren Projekten, achten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und empfehlen passende Lösungen.

The brennenstuhl® service

As a family business, we understand the high value of people as a factor contributing to success. We place high value on friendly interaction with our staff, customers, suppliers and partners. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We support you in your projects, look out for your needs and recommend suitable solutions.

brennenstuhl® nah bei Ihnen - Als führender europäischer Lieferant im Bereich der Kabeltrommeln, Steckdosenleisten, Leuchten und anderer Arbeitsmittel sind wir in über 100 Ländern nicht nur bekannt, sondern auch anerkannt.

brennenstuhl® – close to you

As the leading European supplier for cable reels, socket strips, lamps and other working materials, we are not just known in over 100 countries, but are recognised there. Our partners include all important commercial organisations. Thus, we are always close to you as your direct contact for expertise and efficiency.